“You win some, you lose some, but you live, you live to fight another day.”-Friday(movie)

15 May

Yes, I did quote one of the old Friday movies I happen to think are one of the classics.

My father’s favorite movie!

Ahhh, I remember watching all three movies on VHS when I was a kid. They were my father’s favorite movies. I swear he knew every line. My favorite movie in the series being Next Friday.

I use this quote because right now life is less than perfect. I never being one to complain much about how hard it is because I am soo happy

to even get to have what we have and I thank all that is good we aren’t in a worsening situation.

Dying is easy, so incredibly easy…its almost idiotic how easy we can die. Like rag dolls thrown around in a video game or watching that show “1000 ways to die”

….But living…living is whats hard. So hard that it makes me want to rip my head off and scream at the world for making life soo hard. But you know what?

Thats not going to help my situation. Though it might admittedly make me feel better. Life is so hard but I am determined to live it. Its worth living since your only here for a short time.

“…They say that this life is just a Lease from God.”

Lyrics from Club Called Heaven by The Black Cards

Live it doing as I please and live it as if everyday were my last. (Cliche I know)…All I know is…

I WILL smile at least once everyday.

I WILL NOT think about my hardships.

I WILL NOT think about how I wished life was easier.

AND I WILL continue to live my life as a “strong, independent black woman.”

Because in the end…it can only get better. Writing about it makes it a little bit better. And even if it gets worse, it will EVENTUALLY GET BETTER.


How Sweet it is…TO BE OUT OF SCHOOL!

29 Apr

School is officially done for me! Woohoo! Which means I can A. Relax A LOT more and B. Work A LOT more which equals more moolah for the wallet : )

I was too lazy to upload a video but no worries I will in time. But right now, It feels unreal not having to work on schoolwork til 3 and 4 in the morning.

I will be heavily overdosing on some guilty pleasures this summer they being Xbox and the show Leverage. Right now I am on season 3 and it is “very Nice” (horrible Borat impersation).

Until next time….cece678

New Post!! OMG I Think She Finished Her Homework…

31 Mar

Thats right folks! I finished the major part of my homework! i.e the part that was due tomorrow ; )

Anyway this vid is a glimpse of an exercise I was in the process of making for my color and comp class. Its like a design class except in color and with lots and lots of acrylic paint….ehhh.

Peer Pressure and Video Games…Again?

12 Mar

New video!!! I also have another video idea that involves a very favorite topic of mine…MOVIES!!! So excited to do that one!

But, anyway here you go…

Out With the Old and In With the New…

9 Mar

Got some posts today! I don’t know why I waited to post this video but anyway I will release two since I waited for grass to grow with the first one.

BEWARE: The first vid is 13 mins, unfortunately. BUT, the second vid is less than 5. I tend to talk a lot when I haven’t posted in awhile.

Vliggity Vlog Blog: News!!!

4 Feb

Not really…but its news and happiness for me. **PLUS: No heavy reading today! I have a video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Color of a Flower Boy Prosecutor American…Wait What?

29 Jan

Yes, the name is silly but it sums up what I watched this weekend!

Okay, so I was going to post a video…but I get super camera shy when my parents or siblings are home and they constantly bug me about things like, “Who are you talking to?” or “Do you want this or that?” …so we’ll just have to settle with another reading.

Instead of doing most of my homework this weekend, I decided to be lazy around the house and take a break from everything. (School, work, and homework).

I surfed the net watch some t.v. found time to play some xbox360, and finally…WATCH SOME DRAMA.

Sadly to my dismay Color of a Woman is having some subbing issues so I have to be patient because of a copyright issue I think.

Which totally sucks because this was actually a pretty hilarious drama! Some compare it to a Korean Ugly Betty. So in the meantime…

I finished watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop which was very cute and equally hilarious though I really REALLY REALLY wanted her to end up with the oh so delicious and uber cute Mr. Column(No, it wasn’t his name in the drama but they did call him that!)

I was anxiously searching for a new drama and landed on Prosecutor Princess…I heard of it and it sounded okay but I didn’t really want to watch it. Well, I did and I’m glad.

While the synopsis was misleading and whoever wrote it gave the main character WAY too much credit for her “brilliance.” Her character seems pretty dimwitted in my opinion.

Though in typical drama fashion they have every HOT guy in the world staring in it. (Not really, but they are pretty good looking).

This is the first drama though that isn’t so predictable to me. Its hard to guess who she will end up with boy wise. I want her to be liked by the single dad because he is SUPER attractive in an older man way but I also want her to end up with the lawyer guy who is more her age and they always have their cute little arguments together.

But, he it seems as though he might just be the bad guy and creepy guy because he flipping stalks her EVERYWHERE and has eyes EVERYWHERE and knows EVERYTHING (well almost everything).

Not to mention I always get him confused with the other guy who has yet to be revealed. Well good night all.

I could draw this out all night but I have school tomorrow and I don’t want to bog you down with a lot of heavy reading…

Even though I was going to go into detail about American Horror Story since I finished that show too. Maybe next time, though I will say this show has been one of the best newer shows in America that actually managed to scare the excrement from my bowels.